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6 thoughts on “Follow Us

  1. Audrey

    I am probably the only woman in the USA to do MY OWN conversion !!! sooo I am thrilled to follow you.. I Did a 1967 AUSTIN Morris MK110 … 100% Electric… and I blogged it on my web page.. it is now my COMPANY car… I own an Conversion shop here in FLA.. .sooo if you need parts or help.. or suggestions… PLEASE ask… always glad to help. I am soo excited for you.. THIS JOURNEY you are starting is remarkable.. and sooooo much fun!! I LOVE driving my EV.. I get sooo many compliments on it.. I even DRAG raced it !!! just for fun.. !! had a good time YOU WILL ALSO !!! Enjoy the build.. !!

  2. robert woodliff

    Very good to see you have used the Moggi for conversion .
    I came to the conclusion it was a great idea / ideal , very standard / simple layout , great parts back up & following & its relative lack of performance .
    Ok , they can be got to go quick , I had a mate ( gun smith ) who pushed a 1275 into a van & used to confuse SD1’s drivers on the way into Brum , but he was very capable with metal & had a lead lined right shoe .
    But , in its normal form , its unhurriable gate , i feel is ideal to ensure those in its wake are unlikely to become to incandescent , if at the end of the day when the batteries are parts its best , it is down to being chased by dog speed ………..

  3. Jo

    You are building my dream car that I didn’t think I could ever have! I’ve just made a small donation to your parts fund as a thank you for making it seem possible.. When you have time could you help me with two questions?

    1) Roughly how much would it cost me to build one from scratch?
    2) How could I go about finding someone to build one for me? I live in Sussex but happy for it to be built anywhere in UK.

    Many thanks – Jo

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you very much for the donation! That’s very kind…

      1) That’s a tricky question. It’s kind of ‘how long is a piece of string’ 🙂
      If you just want a car to potter around town in, but that’s electric, then it could probably be achieved fairly cheaply. These days things like old forklift motors and basic controllers are not deeply pricey, and you can pick up used Nissan LEAF battery packs – which keeps the weight of the car down. If you want something that goes further or faster, you can spend pretty much as much as you want.

      And all of this of course depends on having a really, really solid Minor to start with. The best Minor restorer’s I’ve come into contact with are JLH Minors near Coventry (it’s where my beloved car is at at the moment) – restoring her from heap to completely solid cost me around £12,000 a good few years ago – although it was a problematic restoration due to serious (potentially life threatening) problems with the previous restoration which only came to light half way through – but for that she is completely solid and included a new engine, gearbox, back axle… at least some of which you’d not need.

      Your big expense, beyond the car, will be the batteries… which although they’re falling in price dramatically, are still the painful bit.

      2) In terms of getting it done by someone else, you could try Current Racing. They could probably point you at someone good, or may be able to do it themselves, although it’s probably a bit out of their normal build. Although they were at least partially responsible for Jonny’s Flux Capacitor, and the Black Current Beetle both of which are classics that have been EVified 🙂

      Thanks again for the donation, and look out for some minor (sorry) updates in the near future!

    1. admin Post author

      Well, sadly, I’ve not finished – but it’s really a bit of a “how long is a piece of string” question. You can spend as much, or as little as you like. You can find used parts, used packs, used controllers – and keep costs down low. You can find a written off EV and strip it. Or you can do something completely insane and high-end.

      If you’re based in the US I’d suggest talking to one of the companies (for example, EV West, or I know there’s a Morris Minor specialist company up near Port Townsend). If you’re in the UK, I’d suggest having a look at this vid:

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