As the car develops, some of these specifications may change. We have, however, already bought some of the major components (motor, controller, etc), so those are pretty firmly fixed.

Motor – Netgain 8″ ADC Motor:


Our Netgain 8″ ADC motor will provide up to 152FtLb of torque and 82hp. More than enough for the light-weight minor. We’re still looking for someone to ‘breathe on’ the motor in the UK, recommendations greatly appreciated.

Controller – Curtis 1231C:

We have sourced a Curtis 1231C matched to the 8″ Netgain motor – we’re expecting to run the vehicle at 120V.


Running gear – Type 9 gearbox and Escort Mk II rear axle

The Ford type 9 gearbox has long been fitted to the Morris Minor, and provides a sturdy box that should handle the kind of torque delivered by the motor. We’re planning to mate that with an Escort Mk II rear axle fitted with a 3.54:1 ratio diff. This should provide a reasonable compromise of acceleration / top speed / weight and has the advantage of largely being available ‘off-the-shelf’ from JLH Minors.

Battery Management / Charging – EMW Motor Werks:

We were originally planning to install the EMW Motor Werks Smartcharge 12000 – a 60A / 12-15kW charger, and later change it for the when it becomes available, the EMW Motor Werks AC 3-phase rapid charger to enable the car to be used on longer distance journeys.

But, having spoken to EMW, it seems the new 3-phase charger should be out sooner than we expected. That means that we can skip that first phase and go straight to the AC-rapid charger.

That has benefits elsewhere, too….


Batteries – Lithium Iron (LiFePO4):

Previous readers will know we were originally planning to have a 30kWh pack, however with the rapid charger option that means we can shave off some of the weight from the 300Ah cells, switching to 200Ah cells (roughly, there are a couple of options around that figure) and ending up with something around 20-22kWh pack wise. We’re intending to work with the¬†Shen Zhen BAK Energy Co. LTD. Following initial discussions with them during an earlier project we were sent comprehensive specifications – when we get nearer to having fully funded this section of the project, we’ll work with them to design packs suitable for installation in the Minor. The pack will have thermal management.

Odds and Ends:

We have already sourced some other parts, such as a servo pump, and a DC-DC converter. The car is already equipped with modern enhancements like disk brakes, heated screens, heated seats, and uprated suspension. But there are other niceties – like a heater – that need to be spec’d and designed. We’d really love to install an air-source heat pump, perhaps from the Renault Zoe, and Renault have said that the entire unit is available separately, so we may yet be lucky on that front..

2 thoughts on “Specification

  1. Bryan Baker

    If you’re trying for 200mi real world range, why not go with an AC motor? You’ll extend your range about 8% through regenerative breaking while decreasing maintenance and increasing reliability. HPEVS AC 50.

  2. admin Post author

    It comes down to cost. We would love to have gone down the route of an AC motor, but were offered an incredible deal on the NetGain 8″. 150 miles is the real target, 200 would be nice though.

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