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So, we don’t just spend our days when we’re working on the project looking at battery specs, flywheels and engine mounts. Oh no. Sometimes we dink on the internet and find other interesting projects.

Now, some of you who’ve seen the comments will be familiar with this project, but I think it shows the excellent potential of the fleets of classic cars on the road in the UK. So, for those of you who’ve not encountered another of Issigonis’s excellent designs, this is the Austin/Morris 1100:

And this is one powered by Electricity:

There’s a little bit more info about that project here.

Then we were tweeted at by the creators of this rather lovely documentary about Morris Minors:

And then even Morris were aware of the potential of Electric transport back in the 1960s.

Sadly there’s no sound on that one, but it’s got lovely shots of driving a 1960s EV Mini around Bristol – but Issigonis was apparently sketching out his ideas for a BMC EV (skip to 1:26):

So there y’go. A bit of the future from a bit of history.

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