The parts, they are a-comin’

Well, they’re starting to.

We found a company that make a LHD sierra gearbox fitting kit for the Minor, which solves a couple of problems that’d been dogging us for a while – what gearbox to use and how to keep the clutch functional. The Type 9 gearbox has been fitted to Minors for a long time, which means that it’s a fairly straightforward fit. We’re sad to lose the straight-cut whine from first of that Austin designed gearbox, but something that’ll survive the electric motor’s torque is kinda important.

After a bit of a search we’ve managed to locate a good second hand sierra box, or so we’re told, which we can pop in once we’ve fitted it with the new bellhousing. Theoretically.

We’re also chasing down an escort axle. We’d originally hoped to go for a Baby Atlas axle, but it ate too much of the budget, so we’ve trimmed things down to an English Diff’d axle. Again, we’ve got a fitting kit for that lined up too.

Which means that we’re a wee bit closer to having all the mechanical parts.

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