Tangential: Work clothes

I’ve been working on cars since I could walk. Well, err, okay, that’s an over statement. But I remember being about 9 and working on cars – helping my dad change the clutch on a Mark II Escort (if anyone runs across an Escort that has FOFD on the boot, not FORD, it was ours. Please save it, I’d like it back). Eventually it became apparent that I’d need some overalls. Well, I’d had some but they were bought when I was at school and didn’t exactly fit anymore. And were covered in underseal from undersealing a Yugo 45a.

Having tried on several in a variety of shops I found that they were all cut for men, which is fine if you’re a man. Eventually I decided to buy some second hand at the Bristol Classic Car show because forking out a fortune for ill-fitting and slightly uncomfortable stuff seemed foolish. Thus I’ve wandered around with a European Aerospace logo on my back for a while in a set of overalls that were an awful fit.

So recently, with the project slowly gathering momentum I started looking around for something that might actually fit me, and be comfortable… and lo, I’ve found Covergalls Workwear. I’m just sorting out ordering some, and I’ll let you know how they fit but they look like they should be about a million times better than my last set. I’ll give them a bit of a review when they arrive!

Covergalls Workwear Creator (left) with model Melanie Durette (via Women in Mining).

Don’t worry, mine will lack the safety tape. Although I might stick with Safety Orange 🙂

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