They’re Heeere

So, a little update for you all – having made a little trip down to Cornwall to collect another part, we’re pretty much ‘there’ on the components for the transmission.

We now have, from front to back:

– Brake servo pump
– Electric steering assistance (if required, kicking around the place)
– Motor
– Controller
– Gearbox
– Differential
– Back axle

We still need the fitting kit for the rear axle; and we’re planning to replace the brake lines/cylinders/drums/shoes, since it’s pulled out of a scrap Escort. So there’s still a fair bit to do. However, our garage is looking pretty full, we’re going to need to do some reorganisation and a few junk runs to get it cleared out a bit in preparation for the design-and-build phase.

We’re pretty much settled on switching the current Marina discs at the front for a Ford kit from JLH. That should give us Ford PCD all round; and perhaps we’ll trade our current silver minilites for a different colour set when we get the new ones… (shiny stuff, yay!)

Our 3D printer has sadly been very delayed, so we’re looking at joining the local maker space so that we can try some scaled down prints of our clutch adaptor when we’ve finished designing it (that should be the first CC licensed thing out of the project, other than the video stuff). P’raps in the not too distant future we’ll pop up a podcast episode to introduce our parts and some of the design stuff. Don’t hold your breath too much though!

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One thought on “They’re Heeere

  1. Martin Haven

    I’m loving following this project. Having driven an original Tesla roadster (and loved it) and owned a Minor for over 25 years, as well as driving a modern ‘auto box as my motorway smoker, I can really see how great a ‘leccy Minor would be…
    Prompted to drop you a line re; brakes and wheels. Swapping to Ford discs to match the Escy axle is a no-brainer. My hopped-up 1275 (100bhp) still has Marina discs but I also still have a toughened Minor rear, so that problem was sorted, when I put Morris PCD Minilites on her.
    However, I now want to swap from the Minilites to steels, in suitable colour, with chrome hubcaps, for more of a sleeper look. I think your baby, totally stock-looking, would make even more of an impact. 5 1/2 in steels should be enough – my Minilites are 14in 5 1/2J, as I suspect yours probably are.
    Being able to use higher-profile tyres would add to the comfort factor, as well as looking more stock…
    I’ve been wondering about MGC steel wheels… should be about the right size (15in?) but not sure about the PCD.
    Alternatively, Ford steels (but would the hubcaps fit? and would you be able to find 15in Ford steelies?)
    Choices, choices, choices…
    Keep up the good work!

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